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The U of T Biology Environmental Action Team is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of students, staff, and faculty within the Biology Departments at U of T. We have projects across St. George Campus and more recently at UTSC.

We are an active group that benefits from great working relations with the Departments of EEB and CSB, as well as the CSB Graduate Student Union.

See the list of our projects and success stories here.

Are you passionate about the environment? Do you want extracurricular participation that helps the environment and the school community? Do you have a GREAT idea to lower our environmental footprint on campus? We need YOU!

You can be a leader as an Executive Member (elected) or a Project Leaders(volunteered/unelected). See descriptions of the roles here. In addition, the rest of our active membership participates in running projects as well as suggesting great ideas.

Please step up and take charge to help the environment! This also makes for a great resume booster and it only takes a little bit of effort to make a huge difference.

Join us – we’re making things happen.


Meet your new Exec for 2014-15!

Co-Chairs -  Yan Li & Miki Lu
Secretary - Yan Li
Promotions Coordinator - Koeun Bae
Facilities Coordinator - Donghoon Lee
Web Developer - Donald Johnston
Staff Rep - Donna Wheeler

All University of Toronto staff, faculty, students, and alumni are welcome to attend our meetings, learn more about what we do and help out.



UTBEAT can be contacted at utbeatutoronto.ca


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Want to make EEB, CSB, and Forestry more environmentally friendly? Make sure we compost? Get everyone to lug a mug? Make our buildings more energy efficient? Join us... We're making things happen.

To join our listserv, write to listserv@listserv.utoronto.ca and in the text of your message (not the subject line), write SUBSCRIBE UTBEAT-L

Photo in banner by Jenny Downing, creative commons