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For everyone

1) Never printed on both sides of a sheet of paper before? Check out our guide to double-sided printing.

2) Want to run an event without disposable dishes? This guide to alternatives to non-disposable dishes on campus may help.


For graduate students

EEB, CSB, and Forestry now accept double-sided theses. If you plan to take advantage of the new rules, take a look at our short guide to thesis double-siding and avoid a few common pitfalls.

In addition, SGS is accepting electronic thesis. By fall 2009, electronic submission will be required. Simple step-by-step instructions on how to prepare, format, convert to PDF, and submit an ETD to T-Space are available on the ETD website.


For instructors

UTBEAT has developed a recommended syllabus blurb for instructors requiring double-sided assignments. Thinking of implementing a double-siding policy, but not sure whether you and your students would benefit? Consider the following:

a) In the sciences, students are expected to develop computer literacy, scientific literacy, laboratory skills and written communication skills. In comparison, the challenge of double-siding is a minor hurdle.

b) Students have access to automated double-sided printing at several campus locations, listed in the UTBEAT guide to double-sided printing.

c) Implementing a double-siding policy means carrying half the weight and volume in paper, when transporting assignments between the classroom, home and office.

d) One of the largest courses on campus, the introductory biology course, BIO150, has implemented a double-siding policy, clearly demonstrating that first year students can do this. Surely upper-year students can too!

For UTBEAT activists

This contacts list is current as of September 2008.



How to double-side

Want to save trees, energy and money? Check out this guide to double-sided printing at home and at school.


Useful links

1. Environmental groups on campus

U of T Environmental Resource Network (UTERN)

Environmental Students Union (ENSU)

2. Relevant faculties, departments, and office

Sustainability Office

UTM Environmental Affairs Office

UTSC Sustainability Office

Centre for Environment

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB)

Department of Cell and Systems Biology (CSB)

Faculty of Forestry

Facilities and Services

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